New Instrumentation for Your 2018 Event!

Now is a fabulous time to book your 2018 event with our ensemble! Larisa, Debbie, & Emma are thrilled to advertise our new favorite combination: 3 violins & piano, with the amazing pianist Julie Caudle!! If the Piano Guys can have a cellist, then the Violin Trio can have a pianist! :-) Even if your desired venue does not have a piano, Julie is able to bring a high quality keyboard and amplification that sounds just like an acoustic piano, with option of additional special effects, such as a string sound to complement our violins! We are starting off the year with an exciting performance at the Winter Gala at the Scottish Rite Hall in Bordentown for the First Presbyterian Church of Hamilton Square towards the end of January! Contact Larisa Epps to find out more about our services and price list: ~ Looking forward to hearing from you!

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